The teaching and learning processes of foreign languages and cultures, certainly a good reason to learn German are the studies or training programs offered in German-speaking countries. Germany offers many scholarships and facilities to anyone who wants to pursue a career in one of its universities.

This language is one of the most useful you can study in any language school. If you know German, you will have access to one of the most important economic, scientific and cultural sectors in Europe.


The Arabic language is the official language in 23 countries. There may be many reasons why you decide to learn Arabic, as there are many reasons that make this language interesting. Studying Arabic can also be linked to the strategic importance of this language, since people who know Arabic can reduce the cultural and linguistic gap that exists between nations.

The linguistic theories for the teaching of the language are returning the phonological awareness as a tool that in the teaching-learning process is defined as the ability to identify, to manipulate deliberately and to act with the sounds or phonemes that make up the words.


It is a western Slavic language spoken mainly in the Czech Republic. The Czech language may seem complex for those who learn it as a foreign language; this complexity is due, among other aspects, to its morphology.

Bilingualism facilitates the learning of other languages, while developing the capacity for abstraction, the interaction between linguistic and cultural skills, listening, adaptation, creativity and criteria.


It is the most spoken language in the world with 1/5 of the world population, is the second most used on the Internet, and the official language of the second world economic power. It develops memory, enhances creativity and facilitates multitasking capability. Even more so if it is Chinese.

Being a language so different from others, learning Chinese will be an even more stimulating task for your brain, mastering your calligraphy will be an experience, since more than letters, you will be writing symbols, signs, even drawings. That is why many experts argue that this language encourages the development of skills.


Being the official language in 33 countries, the only language that can be learned around the world.

The cognitive processes: assimilation, physiological, motivational, emotional, attitudinal, cultural and social, to mention only a few, are present in a favorable or limiting way during the acquisition of this language.


It is the ninth most spoken language in the world and the second most important language in Asia. Of Chinese origin, kanjis are characters that represent concepts and ideas. They are absolutely indispensable to get to master Japanese.

Language acquisition and cognitive psychology are based on physiological issues, such as changes in the chemical composition of the cerebral cortex, neuro density, or the frequency of brain waves. Learning Japanese is good for your mental health.


The teaching of the English language is now presented as necessary since it forms part of the area of curriculum development and arises within the framework of the Comprehensive Reform of Basic Education. The general purpose is to appropriate various social practices of language that allow it to satisfy communicative needs since it is a universal language. Currently, English is the language most used as a first or second language.

The importance of the development of bilingualism is an agent of pluralization and tolerance, to respond to the fact of living in a globalized world that requires exchanges and internationalization in the diverse environments of education.


It is a language that is in full swing and, in addition, its birthplace is the largest country in the world, as well as one of the richest and most influential in the current scenario.

Russian is one of the most difficult languages, so it is a challenge. Moreover, considering how different it is with respect to Castilian, the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets have little in common. Learning a complex language is an act of self-improvement and effort. Few things reinforce both self-esteem and mastering one of the most complicated languages.


This language is spoken around the world with 62 million speakers, fifth most studied language in the five continents and official language in five countries. Many words in Italian and Spanish share the same root, which facilitates their study since the pronunciation is very similar.

The teaching of this language through the processes of teaching and learning languages are developed through different learning strategies, in addition to creating awareness about the existence of other cultures.


The similarity between words in Portuguese and Spanish is such that, even if we do not master the language, it is not complex to learn this language. Although Brazilians and Portuguese are usually considered native speakers of Portuguese, we cannot forget Angola, Mozambique, Macao and Equatorial Guinea, among others.

One of the main abilities that human beings have to communicate is language. Its development involves a complicated process and essentially involves the senses of sight and hearing in order to develop the study of a new language.